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    It is a Handwoven  2ply Acrylic Kabui Scarf  in Solid color with broad red bands with free thread hanging as design and small bands of black, green, yellow and white in the borders. It bears small geometrical design on the white band. This kabui scarf is weave by the weavers  of Manipur.

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    It is an Indispensable Traditional 2ply Acrylic Muffler(scarf) of Manipur mostly known as Lengyan. This muffler is weaves by the weavers of Manipur on the fly shuttle loom. It has a peculiar woven design and is comfortable to wrapped around the during the winter.

    Length: 65 inches

    Breadth: 9.5 inches

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    Handwoven Salai Taret Scarf is made of 100% pure cotton and is Light-Weight and soft on skin.

    This Scarf can be worn on both ethnic and casual ocassion and can be worn on all seasons.

    Size: 60 inches x 27 inches

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    Senapati muffler


    Traditional Handwoven Senapati muffler made of acrylic yarn. the muffler is beautifully embroidered with floral and animal motif at the center, carefully and skillfully woven by the weaver’s of Manipur. They are worn by the people of Senapati during their festive and special occasion. It is light-weight and comfortable to wrapped around in formal occasion.

    Length – 64 inch

    Breadth – 8.5 inch

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